Getting and applying a discount for your next professional course


The Ontario Masonry Contractors Association (OMCA) offers additional discounts for engineers who work for companies that are OMCA Professional Members. The actual amount varies by course or seminar but often can pay for itself when just a couple employees take a course with the Canada Masonry Design Centre (CMDC).

If you are already a member…

You are eligible to receive a reduced price on your next course. All you need to do to get your coupon code is call the CMDC head Office at:


Click here for full contact information.

Call and ask about getting your OMCA course discount. Please note that the OMCA Professional Membership must be renewed annually and the discount can only be obtained by current members in good standing.

How to claim your discount

Once you have called and received your OMCA discount code, you can apply it by clicking on your shopping cart or at the checkout stage where prompted. This discount can be applied on top of other promotions or sale prices. Make sure the code is actually applied and the final total reflects the discounted price before paying. There have been instances where the code was typed but the Apply button was not pressed, resulting in the discount not being correctly applied. Please check our tutorial here or call or email our office if you are unsure.

Not a member? Consider joining!

The discounts available for OMCA Professional Members varies by course or seminar but it can pay for itself with more than one course purchase. For details on how to sign up and what else is included, please call the number above and ask about becoming an OMCA Professional Member today.

Any other questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions you may have about OMCA Professional membership (or anything else having to do with masonry design in general). You can leave a comment below but be advised that this page is not consistently monitored so contacting us directly will get you the quickest response.

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