LearnMasonry.ca is an initiative by the

Canada Masonry Design Centre

to promote the design and construction of masonry structures throughout Canada

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Course content from the same office that brought you the masonry design textbook:

Masonry Structures: Behaviour and Design

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Partnering with the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association to bring you the software package:

Masonry Analysis Structural Systems

Simplify and Accelerate the Engineering Process

MASS is an engineering software package which designs individual structural elements with current CSA masonry design standards. It can be used for beams, out-of-plane walls, and shear walls and designs for bending moment, deflection, and shear based on the applied, unfactored loads.

Other Areas of Involvement

Offering Expert Technical Assistance

Have a technical question about masonry materials, design or construction? CMDC fields inquiries from design professionals and our masonry contractor members, saving them valuable time that would otherwise be wasted as they search for the information they need. They have found the answers they are looking for by contacting our office. You can submit a general technical assistance inquiry by visiting the CMDC website and filling in the Technical Assistance contact form (click here to be redirected).

Innovation through Research

For nearly 15 years, CMDC staff has collaborated with universities across Canada to foster masonry research programs on behalf of their masonry contractor members. As these research initiatives grew, a partnership with Concrete Masonry Producers Association (CCMPA) was formed to manage the growing demands associated with current and future research projects. Click here to be redirected to the CMDC Research page where you can Apply for Funding and read about Recent Projects.

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Canadian Masonry Symposiums

In an effort to facilitate the sharing of knowledge among the research and design community, CMDC partners with universities across Canada to host the Canadian Masonry Symposium (CMS). Most recently, the 13th CMS was hosted by Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. To search our large, indexed database of research papers going back to 1995, click here to be redirected to the CMDC Symposium page.

Affecting Change in Canadian Codes and Standards

CMDC staff sit on every masonry related technical committee that develops and updates the Canadian codes and standards. As a major participant, CMDC is able to use that expertise to provide masonry designers and masonry contractors with code and masonry standards interpretation. For a complete listing of CSA Standards relevant to the masonry industry, click here to be redirected to the CMDC Codes and Standards page.

Offering professional Seminars

Online courses are not the only way to learn with CMDC. From simple and straightforward to technical and in-depth, CMDC offers a wide array of informative seminars directed towards the design community. To request a seminar at your office, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our seminar page and request one today.

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