Engineered Masonry Design Course

Mississauga - 2019

The Engineered Masonry Design Course (EMDC) is a professional course offered to practicing engineers in the local design community. It equips you with the tools and knowledge to design masonry confidently, effectively and efficiently. This course has been offered to more than 400 practicing engineers in Canada and is roughly equivalent to a 4th year undergraduate university course in both scope and workload.

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Presented by:

Two Friday to Saturday In-Class Weekend Sessions

Now offered in a condensed format!

The EMDC will include online components that can be completed on your own schedule. As a result, the instructors won't need to cover topics as quickly, allowing more in-depth discussion and design examples in the areas that matter most. There will also be optional lessons available for those who are interested in a deeper dive into some of the more niche topics.

Friday: March 22nd

12:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Saturday: March 23rd

8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Friday: April 5th

12:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Saturday: April 6th

8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Topics covered by the Engineered Masonry Design Course:

Weekend 1

Overview of Masonry Construction, Design and Standards

Introduction to Masonry Materials and Assemblages

Masonry Beams:

Ultimate Limit States Shear and Flexure

Serviceability Limit States


Design Examples

Masonry Shear Walls:

Ultimate Limit States Shear and Flexure

Serviceability Limit States


Design Examples

Weekend 2

Out-of-Plane Masonry Walls:

Ultimate Limit States Shear and Flexure

Interaction Diagram

Deflection, Second Order Effects, and Slenderness

Serviceability Limit States


Design Examples

Single Storey Buildings:

Load Calculation

Load Distribution around Openings and Movement Joints

Design Examples:

Individual Structural Elements

Full Structure Example


Supplemental eLearning

In addition to the in-class component a number of lessons will be made available through our online learning platform. These additional topics are included in your fee and can be taken at anytime during the course. These added lessons will provide designers with a deeper and more nuanced understanding of masonry design and will cover topics such as:

MASS Design Software:

Design of Masonry Beams

Design of Out-of-Plane Walls

Design of Masonry Shear Walls

Shear Wall Load Distribution with Openings and Movement Joints

General Overview of Changes from 2004 to 2014 CSA Masonry Materials, Construction and Design Standards

Masonry Materials:

Specialty Mortars, Clay Brick, Connectors and Stone Products

Case Studies and Diagnostics of Masonry Veneers

Masonry Beams:

Design of Brick Beams, Deep Beams and Prestressed Beams

Modified Compression Field Theory and Shear Design of Masonry Beams using the 2014 Standard

Support of Masonry and Bearing Design, Using Movement Joints for Structural Applications and Arching of Masonry over Openings

These topics will be made available throughout the duration of the course and can be completed outside of class hours

What else is involved?

Course Workload and Expectations

The EMDC is not just a Seminar...

This is the equivalent of a condensed, final year undergraduate university course with the workload and technical difficulty to match.

In order to pass the course and earn a certificate, participants must meet the minimum requirements which include submitting two assignments, a minor design project, and a final exam. CMDC is available to offer guidance and extra support to ensure that everyone who puts in the time and effort will have the tools to be successful.

Full Course Timeline

All dates subject to change and will be confirmed in the final course outline

March 22nd & 23rd

Weekend Session 1: In-Class Lectures and Tutorials

April 1st

Assignment #1 Due (Beams and Shear Walls)

April 5th & 6th

Weekend Session 2: In-Class Lectures and Tutorials

April 15th

Assignment #2 Due (Slenderness & Out-of-Plane Walls)

April 28th

Take Home Exam Due

Early May (TBD)

Evening Hands-On Workshop Session (Optional)

May 6th

Minor Design Project Due

May 10th

MASS Software Online Modules Due

Course Instructors

Bennett Banting, Ph.D., P.Eng

Director of Technical Services, Canada Masonry Design Centre

Bennett completed his Ph.D. at McMaster University in 2013. His thesis was awarded the 2015 Best Doctoral Dissertation Award from The Masonry Society and contributed directly to major changes to the new seismic design chapter of 2014 Masonry Structures Design Standard CSA S304. He is a recipient of the NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship from 2007-2011 and was awarded a NSERC Industrial Research and Development Post-Doctoral Fellowship from 2013-2015. He has twice been awarded the Outstanding Reviewer Award from the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering in 2016 and 2017, has contributed over 30 peer-reviewed journal and conference publications and served as the Chair of the Technical Committee for the 13th Canadian Masonry Symposium in 2017. Since 2012 Bennett has taught masonry design courses at McMaster University, University of Alberta, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies and through CSCE’s Professional Development Program. Bennett has worked at CMDC since 2012 and oversees industry funded research and education initiatives across Canada, codes and standards development and general technical related services of CMDC.

David Stubbs, P.Eng

Executive Director, Canada Masonry Design Centre

David is the Executive Director of CMDC. He is a graduate of McMaster University and started his career with OMCA in 1998. When the OMCA’s technical services expanded to a national level in January of 2003, the CMDC was formed. David’s background in engineering, in combination with his strong working relationship with masonry contractors, has facilitated the development of numerous seminars, advanced engineering courses and hands-on workshops for the effective design and construction of masonry structures. David was heavily involved with the development of the 2004 & 2014 CSA Standards. Under David’s direction and extensive involvement, CMDC published the most comprehensive textbook available for Canadian designers, “Masonry Structures – Behaviour and Design”. Most recently, David was involved with the development and launch of the MASS™ structural design software. David also continues to be involved with many masonry research programs across Canada.

With Teaching Assistance and Support provided by:

Brad Crumb, P.Eng

Masonry Design Engineer

Brad has been with CMDC since 2011 and has been hard at work developing and providing technical support for the MASS™ software (Masonry Analysis Structural Systems). Brad spends most of his time developing and providing technical support for the MASS™ software but also helps run design courses and seminars for senior year undergraduate university students.

Joe Wierzbicki, M.A.Sc, P.Eng

Masonry Design Engineer

Joe has been with CMDC starting in 2010 and in addition to working with various on-going projects, such as the development of MASS™ software, CMDC’s Engineered Masonry Design Course, and CSA Standards development, Joe provides technical support to engineers, architects, and masonry contractor members.

Included with every EMDC Registration:

A copy of the CMDC Textbook ($225 value):

Masonry Structures: Behaviour and Design

which includes a complimentary copy of CSA S304-04: Design of Masonry Structures. Additionally, a suite of materials and construction standards are included ($480 value) as well as physical printed course material.

Also included is a complimentary software trial and discount offer for the CMDC Design Software Package:

Masonry Analysis Structural Systems

Course Cost:






OMCA Sponsorship

Additional discount for OMCA Professional Members

This course is sponsored by:

Ontario Masonry

Contractors' Association

plus applicable taxes

Note that a copy of the CMDC Masonry Design Textbook is included ($225 value) as well as additional construction material and standards ($480 value). This also includes lunch and dinner on both Friday sessions as well as breakfast and lunch on both Saturday sessions.

Cancellation Policy:

A full refund minus a $100 administration fee is available provided that Canada Masonry Design Centre receives written notice of cancellation prior to March 18th, 2019

Canada Masonry Design Centre

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Mississauga, ON
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